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St. Louis SchoolsThe St. Louis region is fortunate to have many outstanding schools and educational resources. Our goal with this site is to provide people with a free resource when looking for St Louis schools and local educational resources. Find a St Louis school by searching one of the categories. We continue to make updates and add more info to this site in order to better serve you. provides free featured listings to public schools in the area but private schools charging tuition must pay a nominal fee that comes out less than a dollar per day.  Thanks for visiting the site. is your source for St. Louis schools.

Increase Employment Via St Louis Trade Schools: Most St Louis career or trade schools offer diplomas, certificates, or associates degrees geared specifically to providing the skills needed in a specific career path. The programs in these vocational schools range from healthcare careers, such as nursing assistants and health information technology to automotive technicians and electricians to computer programming. The training offered in these programs are for jobs that are not easily outsourced, such as electricians and nursing assistants, so there is not only positions available currently but also job security that is waning in many "knowledge-based" professions, such as accounting and law. Additionally, many trade schools in St Louis collaborate with local businesses to provide their students with "hands-on" experience and training. These businesses then hire many of the recent graduates of these programs.  More on St Louis Trade Schools

Tips on Selecting the Right Colleges to Apply To

Look for Your Preferred Degree – The very first thing to do is to look for a college that offers your exact preferred degree. Remember that there are many variations of the same degree so look at the tuition and modules offered with each course to ensure that it offers exactly what you need.

Check School Reviews – From there you can go online and check reviews for the schools you are looking for. Importantly some reviews are paid for, and not always to be good reviews. Competing school sometimes start slander campaigns so you’re going to have to be careful about which you believe. Usually the best option is to simply find students who attended the school and ask them directly. 
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