Online College Courses

Online college courses are a quickly growing method of study that has, in the past twenty years, gone from virtually nonexistent to one of the most popular ways to earn a degree. Students around the world have realized that studying via a computer can be just as beneficial to their learning as studying at a college and universities are responding. In fact, more than half of the colleges in the world now offer online branches of study. Despite its popularity, many St Louis students wonder if online study is right for them. Both collegiate and online study has their advantages and disadvantages and you should consider them before making a decision.

Studying In A St Louis College – This is the most traditional method of study anywhere, and it is easy to quote its merits. You will have everyday access to professors and staff, you will be able to interact with other students in a physical setting, have the opportunity to meet and engage with intellectuals and of course, be able to use physical lab, computer and library equipment.

 College study has its disadvantages as well. You may have to travel away from your home to go to college, you might have to live in a dorm room which could be crowded and loud, you will have to show up on time for lessons which can greatly inhibit your chances of any employment during that time. You might also find yourself being pressured by your peers to party, drink or participate in behavior that could negatively affect your studies.  

Despite these issues, studying in a physical Missouri college is a great idea for anyone who doesn’t mind showing up to class and doesn’t have prior obligations to keep them away from doing so.

Online Study – Online study is the less traditional method of going to college, but it has its pros and cons as well. But first, the benefits of studying online. Online students have the freedom to study their lessons at anytime and anywhere so long as they turn the work in on time. This allows you to hold a full or part time job and then study when you get home, or to keep obligations such as spending time with your kids or taking care of loved ones.

The cons of studying online include that you will have to discipline yourself into studying. There will be no physical teachers or classrooms to force you to study. This will be a test of your willpower and you might not make it through.

On the other hand, if you do, you can expect a very rewarding study experience that allows you to study whenever and wherever. If you have the determination to study on your own and don’t mind missing out on a physical teacher, then you could actually learn more in an online classroom. Studies show that without the distractions of other students and ‘temptations’ of college life, you could end up learning more easily and more efficiently than more traditional students. The choice is yours.

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