Charter Schools

charter schools St. Louis

St. Louis charter schools are a public, primary, or secondary school founded as a means of giving children alternate education. Unlike traditional St. Louis public schools, charter schools receive donations from state, federal, and private donations, which usually allows them to benefit from a wider donation base, and therefore have more funds. Charter schools most often use this money to create a learning environment that focuses on engagement and more intuitive lessons than underfunded public STL schools. There are pros and cons to charter schools as well so most parents must make a decision by analyzing the facts, deciding which school best benefits their child, and on whether or not there is a suitable school in the right location.

St. Louis Charter Schools

Benefits of Charter Schools: There are many benefits of charter schools and among those are free attendance, more classroom attention, usually longer schooling time, more varied class time, summer classes. Charter schools are also non-sectarian and do not discriminate on any basis, meaning that there is no way they can turn a child away. Because these St. Louis schools are held accountable to state and federal learning standards, this gives any child the benefit of learning in an open environment without fear of losing education.

STL Charter School Phone NumberAttributesLocation
 Carondelet Leadership Academy 314-802-8744 K thru 8 South St. Louis
 City Garden Montessori 314-664-7646 K thru 8 South St. Louis
 Confluence Academies 314-588-8554 K thru 12 Various Locations
 Eagle College Prep Endeavor 314-664-7627 K thru 4 South St. Louis
 Gateway Science Academy 314-932-7513 K thru 12 Southwest City
 Grand Center Arts Academy 314-533-1791 6 thru 12 Midtown
 KIPP Inspire Academy 314-865-2624 K thru 5 South St. Louis
 Lafayette Preparatory Academy 314-255-1636 K thru 3 Lafayette Park
 LaSalle Middle School 314-531-9820 5 thru 8 St. Louis City
 Lift for Life Academy 314-231-2337 6 thru 12 Soulard
 Northside Community School 314-385-9502 K thru 5 North City
 Preclarus Mastery Academy 314-454-0815 5 thru 8 North City
 Premier Charter School 314-645-9600 K thru 8 Southwest City
 St Louis Language Immersion School 314-533-0975 K thru 5 South City
 South City Prep 314-561-3440 5 thru 12 South City

A few of the study elements provided by charter schools include:
Curriculum adjustment per student
Adjustable school days
Open core academic subjects
New Learning Modules
Heavy Use of Computers & Electronics

Charter schools in St. Louis differentiate themselves from other standardized schools and often have a curriculum that concentrates in a particular area, such as STEM education, healthcare, or the arts.

Cons of Charter Schools: Despite their many benefits, St. Louis charter schools sometimes face limitations as well. The most obvious limitation is that with fewer of these schools available, there is less likely to be one nearby for parents who want to send their children to one. Another less obvious benefit is that in some cases, these schools lack funding which can impose difficulties on the teachers. In most cases, active schools do have funding, but for startups, it is important to check the status of the school, as well as the providence of any necessary schooling materials. Some STL charter schools which have more applicants than they can teach also hold an admissions lottery which while more fair to the whole of the applicants, does not allow students to enter based on merit.

Deciding Between Charter, Public, and Private Schools: For anyone who is looking for a free education for their children, charter and public schools are the best way to go. Many people see charter schools as highly advantageous over St. Louis public schools. For example, in an anonymous survey of teacher boards across the United States; only 12% of teachers would have recommended their public school as the best place to educate a child. Public schools offer a better teacher to student ratio but can be quite expensive and difficult to get into for many parents. Finally, charter schools have their own advantages and disadvantages but from an education perspective, are mostly highly beneficial for children. Usually choosing between schools depends on the parents budget, the intelligence of the child, and the availability of schools in the area.