North STL County Schools

There are almost two dozen school districts in North St. Louis and almost thirty colleges and universities. We will include some of the largest school districts in this article.

North St. Louis County Schools

North St. Louis County Private High Schools  Phone # Attributes
 Christian Academy  314-429-7070  Coed, Christian
 Lutheran High School North  314-389-3100  Lutheran, Coed
 North County Christian School  314-972-6227  Christian, Coed
 Trinity High School  314-741-1333  Catholic, Coed
 North St. Louis County Private Elementary Schools
 ASA Christian Academy  314-524-4272  Christian
 Atonement Lutheran School  314-837-1252  Lutheran
 Blessed Theresa of Calcutta  314-524-0500  Catholic
 Blossom Wood Day School  314-838-7400  Christian
 Chapel of the Cross  314-741-3737  Early Education
 Christ, Light of the Nations  314-731-0400  Catholic
 Grace Chapel  314-868-3232  Lutheran
 Grace Christian  314-292-6933  Christian
 Holy Spirit School  314-730-1394  Catholic
 Holy Trinity School  314-426-8966  Catholic
 New Life Christian School  314-291-4181  Christian
 North County Christian  314-972-6227  Christian
 Our Lady of Guadalupe  314-524-1948  Catholic
 Our Redeemer Lutheran  314-427-3462  Lutheran
 Praise Tabernacle  314-868-2029  Christian
 Ptah Academy  314-231-1411  Private
 River Roads Lutheran School  314-388-0300  Lutheran
 Sacred Heart School  314-831-3372  Catholic
 Salem Lutheran  314-741-8420  Lutheran
 St. Angela Merici  314-831-8012  Catholic
 St. Ann School  314-381-0113  Catholic
 St. Ferdinand  314-921-2201  Catholic
 St. Louis Unified School  314-869-7800  7th day Adventist
 St. Norbert  314-839-0438  Catholic
 St. Rose  314-921-3023  Catholic
 St. Sabina  314-837-6524  Catholic
 Public Schools in North St. Louis County
 Ferguson Florissant School District  314-506-9000  North County
 Hazelwood School District  North County
 Jennings School District  314-653-8000  North County
 Normandy School District  314-493-0400  North County
 Pattonville School District  314-213-8500  Northwest County
 Ritenour School District  314-493-6010  North County
 Riverview School District  314-869-2505  North County

Ferguson-Florissant school district: This is a fully recognized school district by the state with the ratio of 17-1 for students and teachers. This is a fairly large district according to the enrollments of the students. The school district is a community of families and students. The school district has a thorough education system that is why more than 12000 students have enrolled themselves. The district includes seventeen elementary schools, three high schools and three middle schools. And the best thing about this district schools is that they have nationally recognized education program. Visit Ferguson – Florissant Schools

Hazelwood school district: This is a collaborative school district and is the second largest district in St. Louis countryaccording to the enrollments. About 18000 students have enrolled and are looking to grow bigger with time. The education system in this district is focused on the student’s skill development. The school district is recognized by the Missouri department of elementary and secondary education.
Visit Hazelwood Schools


Riverview school district:The district has the staff and safe learning climate to meet the academic, social and emotional learning of the students. Almost 5000 students have been enrolled in this district. The Riverview gardens school is playing a vital role in the betterment of education in the district. They have a community that is equipped to compete with the other districts in making a global society and to develop an educational environment. Riverview and several other communities along with the parts of unincorporated St. Louis country are working together to make it a good environment for the students of this district.
Visit Riverview Schools

Ritenour School district: This is one of the oldest district and is also an accredited district in St. louis country. The district has a very inspiring history where they started from a one room Buck school. But they keep working hard with the time and now has the student population of 6500. They have not stopped yet and growing faster and faster. They now have ten schools and early child hood center. The district also includes a large adult community program. They are working to educate the students culturally and socially. The common ethnicities in the district are white and black non-Hispanic. Visit  Ritenour Schools

Normandy: Located in the northwest of St. Louis country the district has a very unique and diverse school settings. Although the enrollments are low as compared to other districts but almost 4000 students are provided with academic programs from the nationally recognized schools. Along with the academic programs the schools also include extra-curricular activities and highly educated and trained teaching staff. Low student to teacher ratio is very effective in providing proper attention on the quality of the education. The schools are working for the academic and personal growth of the students. Visit Normandy Schools

Jennings school district: The district has a 125 year of history in the education system. The education system is focused to maintain a workplace and educational environment for the students. The district consists of over 300 students and they ensure that each student develops a passion for learning that is why they imply a challenging and innovative educational environment. The belief is to engage the community, strengthen the schools and to empower community in order to grow in a positive direction. The community of learners in the district is also committed to excellence in education. Visit Jennings Schools

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