St. Louis City Schools

city schools St. LouisSt Louis is a city with a number of rich and diverse geographical areas offering a wide variety of neighborhoods. If you are looking for St Louis city homes for sale then you have come to the right place.The vibrant and dynamic St. Louis real estate market offers something for everyone. St. Louis consistently ranks near the top in several categories including one of the most affordable cities in which to live; one of the best cities not only for young professionals, but also for retirees; and one of the most family friendly communities in the nation. St. Louis is home is several Fortune 500 companies in sectors including medical sciences, information technology and manufacturing. For those interested in starting their own business, St. Louis has small business incubators that foster the innovation and the viability of start-up companies. After work hours, there is a multitude of choices for relaxation and recreation including the St. Louis Zoo, the St. Louis Art Museum, as well as miles of bicycle trail, golf courses, and urban gardens to explore.

 St Louis City Private High Schools  Phone # Attributes 
Dubourg St. Louis  Bishop DuBourg High School  314-832-3030  Catholic, Coed
 Cardinal Ritter College Prep  314-446-5500  Catholic, Coed
 Crossroads College Prep  314-367-8101  Coed
 Rosati Kain High School  314-533-8513  Catholic – All Girls
 SLUH  314-531-0330  Jesuit – All Boys
 South Side Christian Academy  314-832-1231  Pentecostal
 St. Louis Christian Academy  314-664-3299  Christian
 St. Mary’s High School  314-481-8400  Catholic – All Boys
Private Elementary & Grade Schools  Phone  Attributes
Word of Life School Word of Life Grade School  314-781-8673  Lutheran
 Academy at Boy’s and Girls Town  314-481-9121  Private
 Bishop Healy  314-367-9656  Catholic
 Cathedral Basilica  314-373-8250  Catholic
 Central Catholic Academy  314-231-6244  Catholic
 City Academy  314-382-0085  Independent
 Clara Mohammed School  314-361-0303  Muslim
 De La Salle Middle School  314-531-9820  Catholic
 Euclid Academy   Independent
 Forsyth School  314-726-4542   Independent
 Frederick Douglas Institute  314-382-0720   Independent
 Gateway Christian  314-821-2349  Christian
 Immaculate Heart of Mary  314-832-1678  Catholic
 King of Glory Lutheran  314-865-1114   Lutheran
 Loyola Academy  314-531-9091  Catholic
 Marian Middle School  314-771-7674  Catholic
 Most Holy Trinity  314-231-9014  Catholic
 New City School  314-361-6411  Independent
 St Ambrose  314-772-1437  Catholic
 St Cecila  314-353-2455  Catholic
 St Francis Cabrini  314-776-0883  Catholic
 St Gabriel’s  314-353-1229  Catholic
 St James  314-647-5244  Catholic
 St Joan of Arc  314-752-4171  Catholic
 St Joseph Institute for the Deaf  636-532-3211  Catholic
 St Louis Catholic Academy  314-389-0401  Catholic
 St Luke’s Christian Academy  Christian
 St Margaret of Scotland  314-776-7837  Catholic
 St Mary Magdalen  314-961-0149  Catholic
 St Raphael’s  314-352-9474  Catholic
 St Roch  314-721-2595  Catholic
 St Stephen  314-752-4700  Catholic
 Seven Holy Founders  314-631-8149  Catholic
 Tower Grove Christian  314-776-6473  Christian
 St Louis City Public High Schools   Phone
 Beaumont High School  314-533-2410  SLPS
 Carnahan High School  314-457-0582  SLPS
 Central Visual and Performing Arts  314-771-2772  SLPS
 Cleveland NJROTC Academy  314-776-1301  SLPS
 Clyde C Miller Career Academy  314-371-0394  SLPS
 College School of Medicine & BioScience  314-696-2290  SLPS
 Gateway IT High School  314-776-3300  SLPS
 Gateway STEM High School  314-776-3300  SLPS
 Grand Center Arts Academy  314-533-1791  SLPS
 McKinley Classical Academy  314-773-0027  SLPS
 Metro High School  314-534-2894  SLPS
 Northwest Academy of Law  314-385-4774  SLPS
 Roosevelt High School  314-776-6040  SLPS
 Soldan High School  314-367-9222  SLPS
 Sumner High School  314-371-1048  SLPS
 Vashon High School  314-533-9847  SLPS
 St. Louis City Public Elementary and Middle Schools  Phone
 Academy of Environmental Math & Science  314-932-1465  SLPS
 Adams School  314-535-3910  SLPS
 Ames VPA School  314-241-7165  SLPS
 Ashland School  314-385-4767  SLPS
  Better Learning Community Academy  314-436-2603  St. Louis Charter School
 Bryan Hill School  314-534-0379  SLPS
 Buder School  314-352-4343  SLPS
 Busch School of Character  314-352-1040  SLPS
 Carnahan High School of the Future  314-457-0582  SLPS Magnet
 Carondelet Leadership Academy  314-802-8744  Charter School
 Carr Lane VPA  314-231-0413  SLPS
 Carver Elementary  314-345-5690  SLPS
 City Garden Montessori  314-664-7646  Charter
 Clay School  314-231-9608
 Columbia School  314-533-2750
 Compton Drew School  314-652-9282
  Cote Brilliante School  314-531-8680
  Dewey School  314-645-4845
 Dunbar School  314-533-2526
 Earl Nance Senior Elementary  314-867-0364  S
 Fanning School  314-772-1038
 Farragut School  314-531-1198
 Ford School  314-383-0386
 Froebbal School  314-771-3533
 Gateway Elementary  314-241-8255
 Gateway Math and Science  314-241-2295
 Gateway Michael Elementary  314-241-0993
 Hamilton Elementary  314-367-0552
 Herzog Academy  314-385-2212
 Hickey School  314-771-2539
 Hodgen School  314-932-5720
 Humboldt Academy of Higher Learning  314-932-5720
 Jefferson School  314-231-2459
 Kenard School  314-353-8875
 Laclede School  314-385-0546
 Langston Middle School  314-383-2908
 Lexington  314-385-2522
 Long School  314-353-1349
 Lyon Academy  314-481-3440
 Mallinkrodt  314-352-9212
 Mann  314-772-4545
 Mason  314-645-1201
 McKinley  314-773-0027
 Meramec  314-353-7145
 Monroe  314-776-7315
 Mullanphy  314-772-0994
 Naheed Chapman New American Academy  314-664-1066
 Nance  314-867-063
 Oak Hill  314-481-0420
 Pamoga Preparatory Academy  314-533-0894
 Patrick Henry Downtown Academy  314-231-7284
 Peabody  314-241-1533
 Pierre Laclede  314-385-0546
 Shaw  314-776-5091
 Shenandoah  314-772-7544
 Sigel  314-771-0010
 Stix  314-533-0874
 Wallbridge  314-383-1829
 Washington  314-361-0432
 Wilkinson  314-645-1202
 Woerner  314-481-8585
 Woodward  314-353-1346
 Yeatman  314-261-8132