STL Boys Schools

all boys schools St. LouisGender separated schools have been around for several hundred years and, while in vogue, they are still around. While many parents fear that separating genders will affect how their children interact with the other sex, entire generations of boys in the past have attended all-boy’s schools and even classrooms used to be segregated. Going to a gender specific school still has a lot of benefits, and the following include just a few of the reasons that you might want to consider one:

St Louis All Boys Schools 

St. Louis All Boys Schools Phone Number Location
 Chaminade  314-993-4440  West County
 Christian Brothers College High School  314-985-6100  West County
 De Smet Jesuit  314-567-3500  West County
 Loyola Academy  314-531-9091  St Louis County
St. Louis military school Missouri Military Academy  888-564-6662  Mexico, Missouri
 Missouri Torah Institute  314-594-0462  West County
 St Louis Priory  314-962-4507  Central County
 St Louis University High School  314-531-0330  St Louis City
 St Mary’s High School  314-481-8400  St Louis City
 Torah Prep  314-727-3335  Central County
 Vianney High School  314-965-4853  Kirkwood

Boys Schools in St. Louis

Boys Learn Differently Than Girls: Boys and girls each have their own very distinctive learning style. Where girls learn emotionally and verbally, boys are more mechanic driven, meaning that they learn better by example and practice, rather than simply by reading or listening to a text. Boy’s classrooms can offer more interactivity that might not be present in an all-girls school in order to provide boys with the learning stimulus they need to memorize and actually learn, rather than sitting around bored and fidgeting.More Freedom: Boys, especially those about to enter their teen years, often make choices and decisions meant to impress girls. In a single-sex environment, this simply does not happen. While some male stereotypes and peer pressure does still affect their choices, boys are more likely to go into the arts and to study other less traditionally masculine fields in all-boys schools. The result is that they can thrive in a single sex environment by learning to do the things that they want to do, without worrying about impressing a girl, or what girls will think.

Boys Are More Easily Distracted: Boys are significantly easier to distract than girls, even into their teens and twenties. When they are young, they are kinesthetic and typically require a lot of movement to learn, and when they are older, they are often distracted by girls. In either case, removing the opposite gender from the room usually leads to increased concentration, which benefits study efforts and learning. While girls are distracting to boys later in life, it is often in the form of gender rivalry at a young age.

Boys Benefit More from Sports: An all boy’s school will focus heavily on sports because boys benefit from having higher levels of oxytocin in their brains, which they get from exercise. Girls learn better when calm and without exercise, meaning that a mix-gender school is more likely to take it easy on exercise and balance the requirements between the two genders. The result is that boys can definitely learn better in an all male environment where additional physical activity is provided for their needs. Boys are kinesthetic, and without additional time to exercise and tire themselves out, often have difficulty sitting still and even hearing teachers in a traditional classroom.

STL Boys Schools

Many Dual Sex Schools Aren’t Suited for Boys: Boys make up some 75% of the special needs classrooms in most schools because boys are diagnosed with more learning disorders than girls. However, some experts argue that the reasoning is not that the boys have trouble learning, but rather that the school is not offering them an appropriate learning method, instead gearing it’s educational standards towards girls, who learn more calmly. Another example is that while many traditional schools focus on learning multiple topics, boys don’t do well with multi-tasking. In fact, boys excel in studies when they are given one thing to learn, given graphs and other spatial-visual learning tools, and when establishing real life connections with the things that they are learning. These learning techniques are sadly often not present in mixed gender schools and many boys are labeled as ‘special needs’ instead of being taught with their learning styles.

An all boys school is a great option for boys of all ages, and it does have a lot of benefits, especially for teens. Boys and girls have extremely different learning methods, different types of thought processing, and have incredibly different educational requirements, which an all boys school can cater to considerably more than an equal gender school. Without distractions, and with better learning options available, boys have more opportunities to excel academically in the pursuits of their choice, which allows them more chances later in life.