West STL County Schools

West St. Louis County is equipped with many top quality schools and school districts.. Here is a list of some of the largest school districts out of them.

West St. Louis County Schools

West County Private High Schools  Phone # Attributes 
 Apprende School  636-225-0006  Private, Coed
 Barat Academy  636-300-5500  Catholic, Coed
 Brightmont Academy  636-237-2702  Private – Independent
 Block Yeshiva  314-872-0701  Jewish, Coed
 Chaminade  314-993-3400  Catholic, All Boys
 Christian Academy  314-429-7070  Coed, Christian
 Churchill Center  314-997-4343  Private
 Crossroads  314-367-8085  Private
 De Smet Jesuit  314-567-3500  Catholic
 Incarnate Word  314-725-5850  Catholic, All Girls
 John F. Kennedy High School  636-227-5900  West County
 MICDS  314-995-7367  Private, Coed
 St. Joseph’s Academy  314-394-3400  All Girls, Catholic
 St. Louis Priory  314-434-3690  All Boys, Private
 The Principia  314-434-2100  Christian Science, Coed
 Villa Duchesne  314-432-2021  All Girls, Catholic
 Visitation  314-625-9100  All Girls, Catholic
 Westminster Christian Academy  314-997-2900  Christian, Coed
 Whitfield  314-434-5141  Independent
West County Private Middle Schools
 Andrews Academy  314-878-1833  Private
 Apprende School  636-225-0006  Private, Coed
 Ascension  636-532-1151 Catholic
 Brightmont Academy  636-237-2702  Independent
 Central Christian School  314-727-4535  Christian
 Chaminade  314-993-4400  All Boys, Catholic
 Christ Prince of Peace  636-394-6840  Catholic
 Clayton Academy  314-727-0833  Private
 Community School  314-991-0005  Independent
 Church of The Annunziata   314-993-4422  Catholic
 Good Shepard School  636-797-2300  Lutheran
 H.F. Epstein School  314-994-7896  Jewish
 Holy Infant School  636-227-0802  Catholic
 Holy Spirit School  314-730-1934  Catholic
 Immacolata  314-991-5700  Catholic
 Incarnate World Elementary  314-576-5366  Catholic
 Kirk Day School  314-434-4449  Independent
 Lewis & Clark Institute  314-918-1400  Tutoring
 Little Flower School  314-781-4195  Catholic
 Linda Vista  636-532-3315  Catholic
 Living Water Academy  636-821-2308   Christian
 Messiah Lutheran  636-329-1096  Lutheran
 Missouri Military Academy  888-564-6662  Military
 Our Lady of Lourdes  314-726-3352  Catholic
 Our Lady of The Pillar  314-993-3353  Catholic
 Principia School  314-424–2100  Christian Science
 Rohan Woods  314-821-6270  Independent
 Rossman School  314-434-5877  Independent
 St. Alban Roe  636-458-6084  Catholic
 St. Claire of Assisi  636-227-8654  Catholic
 St. Clement  314-822-1903  Catholic
 St. Francis Borgia  535-239-2590  Catholic
 St. Joseph (Manchester)  636-391-1253  Catholic
 St. Monica  314-434-2173  Catholic
 St Richard’s  314-872-3152  Catholic
 The Waldorf School  314-962-2129  Private
 West County Christian  314-579-9610  Christian
 West Side Christian  314-535-0184  Christian
  Wilson School 314-725-4999 Independent

School Districts in West St. Louis County

West St. Louis County is equipped with several school districts. Here is a list of some of the largest school districts out of them.

Brentwood School District – The Brentwood School District can be considered as an inner ring suburb of St. Louis. It consists of several schools such as Early Childhood Center, McGrath Elementary, Mark Twain Elementary, Brentwood Middle and Brentwood High. The primary objective of the Brentwood School District is to create an appropriate platform for the students to develop their values, attitudes and skills, which can help them to become community minded and self-sufficient citizen in future. In other words, students should be able to serve and lead in the diverse environment that they are exposed to in the future.

Clayton School District   – The Clayton School District covers all parts of Clayton, which include Portions of St. Louis City, a portion of Richmond Heights and a portion of unincorporated St. Louis Country. The district is located towards the west of St. Louis. As per the recent records, the schools in Clayton School District have more than 2500 students and 220 full time teachers. They are scattered across 6 different schools. The teacher to student ratio in here is 11:1.

Ladue School District – Ladue School District consists of four elementary schools, one middle school and a high school. As per the recent records, it serves a total of 4,180 students. There are 280 full time teachers working for these schools as well. These schools cover all the 10 communities that can be found in the area. They include Westwood, St. Louis Country, Town and Country, Richmond Heights, Olivette, Huntleigh, Frontenac, Crystal Lake Park, Creve Coeur and Ladue.

Parkway School District – Parkway School District serves eight different municipalities that can be found in the West St. Louis Country. It is possible for you to find comprehensive high schools in Parkway School District, along with one early childhood center, eighteen elementary schools, five middle schools, one alternative high school and four comprehensive high schools. The district has been named after Daniel Boone Parkway.

Rockwood School District – Rockwood School District is another large school district that can be found in St. Louis Country in Missouri. In fact, it can be considered as the largest public school system of the County. That’s because Rockwood School District serves a total of more than 22,500 students. It is possible for you to find 19 elementary schools and 6 middle schools in Rockwood School District along with 4 high schools. The teacher to student ratio in Rockwood School District is 19:1. It covers a total of 150 square miles of land area.